Top Reasons Why the Tuna Commission Meeting was a success, Episode 72 of the Micronesian Podcast

A Success

By all accounts, the annual tuna commission meeting was a success.  Several measures were passed and even America’s weird proposal to increase their catch limit because they were following the rules was rejected.  Yay!!!

Some measures

Here are some of the measures:

-a resolution on ‘Labour Standards for Crew on Fishing Vessels’

-a plan to review of the WCPFC transshipment measure originally adopted in 2009 next year. “This review is critical to addressing the challenge of shortfalls in information from high seas transshipment activities, particularly on longline vessels,”

-a measure to provide additional funds to the Special Requirements Fund, which will help boost participation of Small Island Development State representatives in the decision-making processes of the Commission. 

-a new measure for the Compliance Monitoring Scheme. This will allow for continued monitoring and assessment of compliance by all Commission Members with the Commission’s obligations.

-measures to better protect seabirds from accidental catch by the longline fleet

– No consensus or agreement has been made on shark management.

All Good

If you would like to check out the article, here it is on Pacific Note.

We wish the best for the tuna commission.  Because wishing them the best is also wishing the best for us.  We are all in this together.  Let us not forget what Cook Islands foreign secretary and Forum Fisheries Committee Chair Tepaeru Herrmaan said, when speaking about the media and the Pacific Voice:

“It is increasingly becoming obvious that some of our significant regional meetings are being overshadowed by geopolitical issues which have little to do with the issues and agendas that we come together to discuss and more to do with global powers and those from beyond our region so I can only encourage each and every one of you,” Herrmaan explained.

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