Micronesian Telecommunications upgrade :)

Hello All, hope you had a wonderful weekend and your week is progressing as we enter a new era of telecommunications in Micronesia.

4G and then

Okay, so its not really a new era, but just an upgrade to the existing services.  But, what an upgrade. Check out FSM Telecommunication’s website to see the celebration graphics 🙂  But, what is it that we are really getting or supposed to be getting?  Here is a basic definition of 4G from broadbrandwherever.net:

What is 4G? Well, 4G is an abbreviation for “fourth generation communications system”, also known as “long-term evolution” (LTE) technology.

4G was developed from 3G, which offered basic data and voice services. It addresses two limitations of 3G: network congestion and speed. But as mobile devices and other handheld devices have evolved, so has the demand for faster, higher-quality media.

So basically, everything is running faster.  In fact, if you see the FSMTC homepage this is what they say about 4G and social media/internet:

More, more, more.  Upload, like, tweet, pin, hangout more.  What an amazing thought.  As if we weren’t already pushing the limits of being engaged on the internet.

While it maybe limited in coverage area for the time being, having an upgrade to these type of services is a step in the right direction.  Look, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  We are living in the greatest era of human history.  Now.  You can connect, communicate, collaborate on a scale that has never been achieved before.  What will we do with this awesome power?  Remember what Uncle Ben told Peter Parker on Spiderman:

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

I can only imagine (and I will) what wonders will be realized with this great power.  I spoke of this before on Social Media Micronesia.  This will continue to be a developing issue.  We have only touched the tip of this iceberg.  What amazing times we are living in.  Get ready.

See you on the next blog or Podcast.

The Next Blog Post

Thank you to everyone who read, shared and commented on my last blog post.  I hope you all had a great weekend as we fast approach hump day.

Moving on

If you read, shared and commented on my last last blog post, you are part of the social media revolution.  Congratulations! We are co-conspirators in this world wide digital conspiracy to connect humanity.  Just between me and you, it’s working! Even in remote, developing Micronesia 🙂

So what is going on in our beautiful Micronesia? Where does one usually start when they want to get a good sense of the issues facing a country and it’s people? Well, you can always try the FSM Public Information Office to see if they have any updates.  Good luck.

Otherwise, scroll up and down on your phone, visit all the forums online, or just set a google alert.  This is the best way I found, to monitor the web for content that is interesting to me.  If you already have a google account, just go here for directions to set up your alerts.  You decide each day what time you want all that info to come to your email inbox.  The power of technology in this wonderful digital age. It’s all about convenience, well most of it is.

If you’re feeling really bold, create your own content.  Maybe we’ll leave that for another blog post.  In the meantime, enjoy the content below.

Micronesian News Broadcast:


Micronesian Podcast:

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Social Media Micronesia

Isn’t it wonderful Micronesia, to share and connect on social media? I hope you have a wonderful friday and a restful weekend.

The power of social media

No one can deny the power of social media.

Social media has the power to shape opinion, build relationships, connecting people over vast distances and spreading information instantly.

Most of us here in Micronesia use social media to connect with family members abroad, rant and rave about pictures and videos and even to spread gossip, rumors, etc.  Clearly, there can be positive and negative uses of this powerful tool.  It is a tool.  Something we use to make our lives better.

We are living in the greatest era of human history! The digital age, and here some interesting facts:

  • Your smartphone is more powerful than the computers used by NASA to get the first men on the moon in 1969
  • More people watch Youtube videos than TV, and more video has been uploaded to Youtube every month than CBS, ABC and NBC created over the course of sixty years
  • Let’s not forget Facebook, there are over 2.23 billion active monthly users!! This is the place to get your word out

Amazing stats on social media platforms.  I haven’t even touched Twitter, Instragram, Linkedin, Reddit or even Podcasting! I hope you can see that social media is POWERFUL.

Island applications

So why do I bring this up here?  We all use social media in Micronesia and especially Micronesians who live abroad.

We are using this powerful tool already.  I mean, you’re reading this blog post, right?

First, let me share this great letter to the editor that was posted on social media, Facebook, today.  It’s about Micronesians in Guam, and is titled:

Bad apples don’t reflect Micronesian culture

This is an example of using social media for good.  It was written by a Guam Senator who reveals in the last paragraph of his letter to the Guam Daily Post, his surprising heritage.  Let me share some excerpts:

A few bad apples don’t reflect an entire people, race or ethnicity. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking otherwise; we just know better. So why is there so much animosity?

Here is his answer:

I believe it stems from the sense of being taken. Many locals I’ve talked to feel as though FSM migrants are taking something from them – whether it’s through public assistance, housing or employment. This isn’t a unique or new phenomenon, it’s well-documented. One can draw parallels to the civil rights movements or the Judenfrage or The Jewish Question of Nazi Germany – parallels that place blame on an ethnic group as the cause of a problem.

And the great closing:

In closing, I’d like to state that I admire their courage to leave the familiar and move to explore new opportunities for their children. Wanting a future for our children is a universal ideal. This is the CHamoru story, the Filipino story, the American story, and most importantly the human story. This is part of my story. My great-great grandfather Antonio Esteves is originally from Satawal; the Satawalese are ethnically Chuukese. He migrated to Saipan and took Esteves as he was baptized. As a defender of indigenous rights, I respect my Carolinian and CHamoru heritage.

I share this to show how we can use social media, the internet, this digital age to close distances, bring people together and make this world a better place.  What do you think?  Can you easily share, write and promote stories on social media that help us, rather than hurt us here in Micronesia?  Absolutely.  I shared this wonderful story.  I hope you feel better and share it as well.  In fact, I hope you share this blog post.  I would really appreciate it 🙂


My reason for this blog post is not just to share the wonders of social media.  I wanted to address the many remarks of fellow Micronesians who say they don’t have a voice.  They are saying they don’t have a voice while posting on a platform like Facebook, that has 2.23 billion active monthly users.

Fellow Islanders, you have voices and in your hands you have a TV station and a radio station.  It’s called a smartphone.  Even a laptop, PC or tablet.  They are super advanced communication devices that give you the ability to connect, collaborate and cooperate.

Raise your voices. Don’t be afraid to break out of closed forums, or even anonymous forums.  Put yourself out there.  Don’t be afraid.

In my last blog post I shared the success of the #BeingMicronesian movement, started by a young woman from Palau.  The movement was eventually featured on Al-Jazeera.  That’s an example of using social media to get your message out there.


Let me leave you here with the kids from the Micronesian News Broadcast.  They are my kids.  They are using social media to inform, share and learn.  Give ’em a like and subscribe to help them out.  That’s how easy it is to use this powerful tool. Thank you.

If you like to listen to podcasts, here is my latest:

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