Wonderful Graduation Story out of COM-FSM – EP73 Micronesian Podcast

Christmas came early

For the 14 nursing students who graduated on the 17th of December at COM-FSM, christmas came early. 

Angels in white

Before informing them of personnel actions signed and dated for 20 December 2018, with jobs waiting! Pohnpei State Director of Health Services Kapilly Capelle called them Angels in White.  What an amazing graduation gesture by Director Capelle.  I’m sure the graduates are grateful for this awesome opportunity.  Click here for the full story.

Limitless Opportunity

One thing struck me about this story that was shared by the FSM pio.  They noted that as a developing country, there are limitless opportunities for citizens to help fill the gaps.  What an amazingly positive perspective this is.  I agree with the FSM pio and hope that our leaders share the same positive outlook with our citizens.  

We are fortunate and blessed to live in a country that provides free education all the way to the Associate’s Degree level.  We are fortunate and blessed to live in a country that has not been at war for generations.  We are fortunate and blessed to have a unique relationship with the most powerful nation in the world.  We are fortunate and blessed to be a sovereign nation with our own people determining the course of our country.  What will we do with these fortunes and blessings?