Micronesian Telecommunications upgrade :)

Hello All, hope you had a wonderful weekend and your week is progressing as we enter a new era of telecommunications in Micronesia.

4G and then

Okay, so its not really a new era, but just an upgrade to the existing services.  But, what an upgrade. Check out FSM Telecommunication’s website to see the celebration graphics 🙂  But, what is it that we are really getting or supposed to be getting?  Here is a basic definition of 4G from broadbrandwherever.net:

What is 4G? Well, 4G is an abbreviation for “fourth generation communications system”, also known as “long-term evolution” (LTE) technology.

4G was developed from 3G, which offered basic data and voice services. It addresses two limitations of 3G: network congestion and speed. But as mobile devices and other handheld devices have evolved, so has the demand for faster, higher-quality media.

So basically, everything is running faster.  In fact, if you see the FSMTC homepage this is what they say about 4G and social media/internet:

More, more, more.  Upload, like, tweet, pin, hangout more.  What an amazing thought.  As if we weren’t already pushing the limits of being engaged on the internet.

While it maybe limited in coverage area for the time being, having an upgrade to these type of services is a step in the right direction.  Look, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  We are living in the greatest era of human history.  Now.  You can connect, communicate, collaborate on a scale that has never been achieved before.  What will we do with this awesome power?  Remember what Uncle Ben told Peter Parker on Spiderman:

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

I can only imagine (and I will) what wonders will be realized with this great power.  I spoke of this before on Social Media Micronesia.  This will continue to be a developing issue.  We have only touched the tip of this iceberg.  What amazing times we are living in.  Get ready.

See you on the next blog or Podcast.