The real voices of Chuuk

Where are the real voices of Chuuk? In this blog post, I want to explore and ask questions about the situation in Chuuk.

Where are they?

As we continue down the road of secession or not in Chuuk, I find myself wondering, where are the real voices of Chuuk?

Not the juvenile, cocky, disrespectful, name-calling, entitled and victimized voices.  But the wise, gentle, respectful voice of the people?  Where is that authentic voice crying out in the wilderness? Excuse the Bible reference 😁.

I spent a couple of my childhood years in Chuuk.  I remember the men who spoke with passion and respect.  I remember the women who drew the respect of those men simply by their presence.  Sure, I saw many loud, obnoxious tough guys and gals.  Chuuk is known for that.  But, there was always that leader who commanded the respect of others.  Whether it was in the family, clan, village or from a region.  A leader always stood out.  You can’t miss a leader when you see and hear him/her.  You will tend to follow him/her.


I recently shared a post on the Micronesian News Broadcast Facebook page.  It was about vision.  No vision and the people perish or in the FSM’s case, migrate.

I don’t see any vision shared on the YES or NO side.  One is status quo, the other is fuzzy.  No vision.  I’m not going to include the US Ambassador as a voice, because I’m specifically referring to Chuukese here.  The US Ambassador did his part to educate the people.  What effect did it have?  I hoped that with his involvement, there would be some clarity on either side.  Again, I’m looking for the Chuukese voice.  The interference argument is over.  It’s done.  How do CHUUKESE move forward now.


As I have said before, this is very educational for me.  I am excited to see who will emerge as a Leader to provide the clarity needed.  A Chuukese LEADER.  Until that is done, I’m for the people to win.

See you on my next blog or the Micronesian Podcast.