Tuna, Chuuk visit and our strategy? Micronesian Podcast Episode 71

Tuna week

The tuna commission just concluded their annual meeting in Honolulu, HI last week.  More details on the outcomes on the next podcast, or visit pacific note

Chuuk visit

Over in Chuuk, the Commander of the Indo-Pacific command stopped by to drop some stuff onto Chuuk.  Nothing bad, he helped drop some toys, tools and other things for the annual Christmas drop.  He was joined by the usual suspects, including the Vice President of the FSM, Yosiwo George.  Plus, he had two Micronesian service members who helped drop stuff over Chuuk.  It was a drop over Nama, where one of the participants, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Lorin Robert, is from.  Nice, eh?

What is our strategy

Finally, on the podcast I pose the question that I posed also on social media.  What is our strategy for the increase in attention from our neighbors in the Pacific?  Japan, Australia and NZ have stepped up their engagement with us.  These are no small items either.  Opening up Embassies, creating new positions, increasing staffing, increasing budget.  All very real and very important for their respective countries.  

What are we doing here in the FSM? Do we continue to react? Do we respond with purpose? Or is it status quo, business as usual? And more importantly (for me, at least) will our government tell us?