EP-87 Election Drama from the Micronesian Podcast

Election Drama

Hello everyone, this election is turning out to be a very interesting time of year here in Micronesia.

From the Chuuk State Political Status Commission, to the recent bribery scandal of Master Halbert over in Honolulu, election season is going to be lit. Once again i’ll be joined by the Editor of the Micronesian News Broadcast to discuss some news.

On this new episode we take a look at a developing story here on Pohnpei. One of the congressional candidates is being accused of Human Trafficking, Forgery of Documents, & Non compliance to labor laws among other things. Listen below.

Stay updated

Keep on staying updated.  See you on the next episode.  And check out the previous ones here.

One Micronesia – except for cheap labor

In this blog post, I would like to share my surprise and frustration about using cheap labor from other countries, when many Micronesians are out of work. One Micronesia?

‘Cruise ship’ bound for Yap MicroGames

The recent seizure of the MV Forever Lucky in the Philippines is very unfortunate.

Unfortunate for the Filipino workers who were promised cash for work.  Unfortunate for the Microgames, because this ‘cruise ship’ was supposed to provide extra rooms, food and catering services! Now, they are stuck in the P.I. But I guess it’s all for the best.  According to media reports in the Philippines:

the ROP National Bureau of Investigation and Coast Guard raided the reportedly Philippine-owned ship early Tuesday morning in the Bataan port, detaining what are described as “139 victims of human trafficking and illegal recruitment.”

I’m happy those poor souls were rescued and hopefully this will be resolved quickly.


A recent article from the Pacific Island times says it is up to to the Philippines whether or not the MV Forever Lucky will continue to Yap or not.

Another article from the Pacific Daily News says the ship will make it on time and has the top diplomat in the FSM getting involved:

The FSM Secretary of Foreign Affairs is working on a government-to-government dialogue with the Philippines to assist in the release of the ship, the news release stated. The ship has all necessary documentation to enter the FSM’s jurisdiction; it’s up to the Philippines whether the ship can depart for Yap sometime this weekend

Whichever story is correct, hope the Microgrames go off as scheduled.


Three years to plan and this happens.  In the future, may I suggest something?

  • Use local labor first of all, we have people who have skills but no employment in the FSM
  • Maybe use the COM’s HTM (Hospitality and Tourism Management) students who are schooled in hosting, catering and cooking
  • Use local labor
  • Saipan regularly recruits our people to go work in their hotels…. Why not recruit our own people to staff our own events?
  • Use local labor

Ok, that’s enough for now 🙂

See you on my next blog or on the Micronesian Podcast with Patrick Pedrus