Micronesian Podcast Episode 66

Micronesian Podcast – episode 66

In this podcast, a man who killed two Chuukese men after one of them shot him in the face with a slingshot pleads guilty to manslaughter.

The wife of one of the men says Justice is not served.

He didn’t even say he was sorry, she said.

She doesn’t understand how he avoided the aggravated murder charges. He walks after about 8 years instead of spending the rest of his life in jail for the two lives he took.


Open minds

Remember that transgender bill.  The one that didn’t pass? Yes, it did not pass.  But, a bill to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation did.

This transgender bill is dead, and been dead for several days now.  Still, an online petition, an open letter and negative remarks upon negative remarks continue despite the fact that this bill is long gone. It is dead.

What’s the date again?

Why is the 7th of December important to you?  That day of infamy in 1941 set the stage for so many things including the FSM, RMI and Palau.