Micronesian Podcast Episode 68 – Low candidate turnout, Real ID act modified, MicroGames funds and my take

FSM Congressional forum

A recent invite to all candidates running for seats in the FSM Congress yielded 4 of 10 candidates. We all know people are busy and one of the candidates had a funeral, condolences, but when can they all show up? It would be nice to see and hear from them to ask questions and compare, right?

Real ID Act modified

The real ID Act of 2005 failed to recognize FSM, RMI and ROP citizens. The result? One year limits on state IDs and Driver licenses. If you lived in America, you know what a hassle this would be. 

A collaboration of the FSM, RMI and ROP Ambassadors to the USA helped push this modification through with an unanimous passing in the US Senate on December 6, 2018.

MicroGames funding

With over $250,000 remaining from the MicroGames, the Yap State Legislature is looking at ways to use the remaining funds

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