Countdown to 2023 on the Micronesian Podcast – Final

Here we are, I want to thank Patrick Maloney for gracing us with his presence here on the Micronesian Podcast.

Business Ideas

On the final episode of the Countdown to 2023, we discuss some very practical and actionable business ideas.  They are listed under the $500 dollar businesses heading.  There are other business ideas that go up in value.  I though I’d share these first because they require the least money and are very doable.  Check some of these out.

$500 Dollar Businesses on the podcast 

Madeu Tea bags

Noni tea bags

Yam chips

Taro Chips

Yam flour

Taro Flour

Breadfruit Flour

Banana Flour

Sponge farm

Plastic Bag Weaved Purses

Coconut ice cakeees made in the mom and pop stores

Men’s Shirts

Thatch production

Bamboo Grass wall production

Compost production

Lemon grass tea

Pancake mixes from local flour

Chicken farm

Chinese Cabbage Farm

Smoothie shops in other parts of the island

Portable Nahs

Thatched cover swing benches

Duck Farm

Bamboo furniture

Bamboo windchimes

Kimchee production

Concrete patio furniture

Concrete Rocket Stoves

Coconut bowls

I think anyone can do this.  I’m gonna give a shot at the tea bags.  Maybe the taro, yam or breadfruit chips.  I love those chips, by the way.  Our own local chips.

The idea is to just start, start small and see what happens.  The government is not going to increase salaries anytime soon.  We already know this.  And if they do, bonus points for those who already have a side business.

I want to wish Patrick Maloney the best.  He has given us some great ideas to start off with, but most importantly he gave us his time, which is more valuable than money.

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Stay tuned for the next episode.

Countdown to 2023 on the Micronesian Podcast – Part two

Here we are with Countdown to 2023 on the Micronesian Podcast – Part two.  Hope you had a wonderful week.  It is currently sunny in Pohnpei (go figure!).

2023 Action Plan



On episode 46 of the Micronesian Podcast, I continue talking 2023 with Mr Patrick Maloney.

One of things that resonated with me was when Patrick mentioned the mindset change.  This is really the bread and butter of any meaningful change.  We can pour all the money into programs, have the greatest strategic plans and goals, but without that mindset change it will be a bunch of papers or an unused file on somebody’s desktop. Consider the 2023 Action Plan.  Sorry, I don’t have a link to the actual plan only the draft.

I am still trying to figure out what the Joint Committee on Compact Review and Planning is doing after they drafted pillar one of their report in preparation for 2023.

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