Top Stories of 2018 – The Micronesian Podcast

Stories of 2018

What were the top stories of 2018?

The Chuuk Secession? #BeingMicronesian? The 9th MicroGames? The Vote of No Confidence in RMI? Typhoon Mangkhut and Yutu in the north? There were so many stories.  Some good, some not so good.  Here is one of our picks.

It’s good to see that we can share stories amongst ourselves.  The age of news dominated by three or four news networks are gone.  Is that good or not so good?  I think it really depends on where you get your news from and how reliable are they.  Here is one thing that has definitely changed news.  The ability to leave comments and have those comments answered.  Can you imagine commenting on Dan Rather back in the day? Would he have even commented back?

Into 2019

As we head into 2019, the opportunity still exists for greater stories to come out of Micronesia.  How? Through mediums like this one.  You and I have the power.  To shape and influence the world we live in.  What will we do? Whatever we do, it will be using the great power and gift of technology.  Aren’t we so fortunate?