Opportunities for our Youth in Micronesia – EP 83 on the Micronesian Podcast

Our Future

On this episode, I am just sharing information that would help our Youth.  Because, they are our future.

The ASVAB is coming.  The B, stands for battery.  As in a battery of tests.  I recall sitting in the PICS cafeteria hall with probably a hundred other hopefuls to take that battery of tests.  Aaaah! the memories.  Check this practice site.

I mention the benefits of joining the military in the podcast.  I think the greatest benefit is simply the experience of being held accountable 24/7, which includes holding yourself to a higher standard.  That is what we need our youth, our future, to grab a hold of.  The service, as in the military, and most people forget this, is all about serving.  You serve something greater than yourself.  You are no longer are about me and I, but we and us.  It seems a hard lesson for some, but once you embrace that lesson, it all makes sense.

Career exploration

The other opportunity I talk about on the podcast is the upcoming career exploration week.

PICS High School will be taking their senior class around Pohnpei to explore careers.  They will be visiting companies, government offices and embassies to get an idea of what they want to do.  This is awesome! Our public high school has been neglected so much over the years.  This high school is where our first leaders came from. Respect to PICS High School.


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