Homeless where America’s Day begins

A recent homeless count was conducted in Guam.  While the numbers are not staggering, they are increasing.

Homeless count

It’s good to see that homeless numbers are monitored. The most recent count was conducted by the Guam Housing and Rural Authority and Guam Homeless Coalition.

Why do we care about these numbers in the FSM, RMI and Palau?  Because, the Guam media loves to single out the FSM:

Officials also must seek more housing assistance for regional migrants. They must press the federal government to provide sufficient aid under the Compacts of Free Association.
Just as important, the government of the Federated States of Micronesia must step up to help its citizens with housing and other transition issues.

How about the chamorros?  And actual numbers? Why is that not being addressed in the Guam daily post editorial? This is from the Island Times:

Chamorros or Guam natives still represent the highest number of homeless persons of 337 in 2018, down from 370 in 2017.  Second largest…Chuukese with 290.  Pohnpeians with 67.

These are numbers from the recent count by the Guam Housing and Rural Authority and the Guam Homeless Coalition.

One homeless person is not good, right? If you agree that homelessness is not good for anyone, thank you.  Let us proceed.

Help given

Let me address the comments about FSM government stepping up and the federal government providing “sufficient aid”.  Here is a quote from the Department of the Interior:

Interior Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas Doug Domenech has announced that Guam’s 2018 share of Compact Impact funding, $14.9 million, is being provided to the Government of Guam for costs associated with providing education, public health, and public safety-related services for the residents of the territory.

Is $14.9 million sufficient aid? Let’s be crystal clear on why this funding was allocated by the US Congress:

“This funding is allocated by Congress to help Guam address impacts on public services by residents who hail from the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of the Marshalls, and the Republic of Palau, and ultimately helps bolster public services for the people of Guam.”

To help Guam address impacts on public service. You’re welcome Guam.  Use this federal money ($14.9 million) and the numbers compiled responsibly and with integrity.  You’re welcome brothers and sisters of Guam.  But, please remember this funding ends in 2023, at the strike of midnight. Never say our presence didn’t benefit Guam a single dime.

Stay updated

It’s good to be updated.  Facts empower us.