Yap leaders and bribery officials named


On this podcast, we continue to talk about leaders, continuing from the last blog post.

Leaders in Yap and the FSM National Government, make up today’s podcast.

New administration/message

In Yap, the new administration shows their stuff.  When “gifts” are left for the new Governor and Lt. Governor, the contents are shared and a message is passed.  No bribes for this new administration.

Pig feed

On the closed facebook forum, Micro forum, names are shared.  A member of the forum who uses the name, pig pen, shared the names of the FSM Government officials who allegedly were bribed by a Hawaii based engineering firm.


Such an interesting time we live in.  Stay updated.  Keep sharing.  We are grateful for this medium to be able to discuss what is going on in our island nation.  The year has just started.  We look forward to a great one and hope that more stories are shared, more information is revealed.