And Justice For All?

One of the features that people desire in any society is justice.  I think most people will see this as a requirement, right?

Where is the justice?

A story published by the Guam Daily Post leaves me wondering, where is the justice in Guam? Here is an excerpt from the article:

It had been about three months since her husband, 56-year-old Sofar Pwechar, died in an accident while unloading wooden doors in a cargo container at Benson Guam. He was the breadwinner for his family and with him gone, Taniako Pwechar said she has become almost penniless.
Her husband’s death entitled her to workers’ compensation benefits under Guam law.

But Taniako Pwechar said she hasn’t seen a dime of insurance money. She said it may be one of her relatives and the relative’s girlfriend who received compensation by impersonating her.

One thing pops into my mind.  It’s actually a question.  How the f**** does anyone release funds, especially survivor benefits, without some sort of positive identification? Is this for real? The story seems almost out of place in Guam.  This is what happens in a third world country, not a colony of the USA.

Developing story

The poor widow seems to be the pawn of some money-grabbing scheme.  Here are some responses from someone who claims to be her family:


Let’s hope that the the new FSM Consul General can provide some sort of assistance. She has been quoted as saying she wants to help:

“I’m not here to tell (my people) what to do. Instead, I’m here to learn, study and help.”

Please do so. We hope that the new administration does not embark on an anti-FSM campaign like Eddie Calvo did. Remember the whole persona non-grata situation for FSM officials deal?

Stay updated

We’ll keep following this story and share the updates.  Whatever is going on, the poor widow needs some help.  If someone has stolen her identity, Benson Guam doesn’t help or if this is just some sick game lawyers play, she needs justice.