Elections! Elections! Elections?

What else would this heading be? Elections!

After the festive holiday season of 2018, we have now entered the elections zone.

It is set to be another year of changes, like all years past?  We have already had two states in the FSM change leadership.  Over in Kosrae and Yap, there are new leaders at the helm of each state and in legislature.

The nation as a whole is getting ready for the FSM Congress elections.  These elections are for the two and four year seats.  The winners will eventually select the next President of this wonderful island nation.


I have a couple of questions as we head closer.  These are more like reminders really.

First, are you registered to vote?  If not, get registered.  This is the citizen super power, the vote.  The only way to access this super power and make changes, is to register to vote.

Second, are you voting for your relative? There is nothing wrong with that.  Remember your super power.  The follow up question then is, has that relative explained to you their platform? You know, what do they value, believe in, prioritize and what is their mission and vision? If they can’t answer that, use your super power.

Third, the only power that may overshadow the vote, is to run.  If you are an adult, a citizen and can read this blog, you might be a candidate for public office.  It is not everyone’s cup of tea.  Not everyone drinks tea, though.  Think about it and use your super power when the time is right.

In the meantime, stay updated:


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