Good Marshallese Response And Where are the Autopsy results?

On this podcast we talk about the RMI government responding to a weather disturbance and autopsy results in Guam for a Micronesian who died in custody.

Good response RMI

The RMI Government swung into action on Sunday, declaring a state of emergency.  A tropical disturbance was heading their way. The Marshall Islands Red Cross Society provided online updates. They were ready.  Fortunately, the weather disturbance dissipated.

The response was impressive. There were online updates, and live videos.  What a great thing to behold! The power of social media.  Great job RMI! You responded well.

And whatever happened to the autopsy results?

in December, Mr. Elton Masasi was arrested along with Travor Todd Ruben. They were arrested for attacking a man and his wife.  The media called it “road rage”. This included shooting up a Mobil station with slingshots.

Later, a video surfaced showing the man, Maurice Jones, approaching the car that Ruben and Masasi were in with an object and swinging at one of them.  The video showed Jones returning to his car and speeding off.  He was followed by both men,  almost hitting both of them while backing up, then speeding away. All three were arrested.

The last mention of this inmate who died while in custody was 19 December 2018 from the Pacific Daily News

“The autopsy has been completed for a detainee found unresponsive in his cell in maximum security, who later died, but officials haven’t yet released the findings.”

Elements of this story seem a bit fishy

First, he was in Post 6, the prison’s maximum security unit.  Why?

“As far as why Masasi, a detainee, was in Post 6, Lamorena said he wants to wait until his department’s Internal Affairs Unit completes its investigation. DOC also said GPD has launched an investigation into the incident.”

Second, why haven’t the autopsy findings been released?

Director Alberto “Tony” Lamorena V said the chief medical examiner, Dr. Aurelio Espinola, informed the authorities of the unofficial autopsy results but he’s waiting for the official report from the medical examiner.
The medical examiner’s office referred questions about the autopsy to DOC, Guam Police Department and the attorney general’s office. Spokespeople for GPD and the AG’s office didn’t respond to a question about Masasi’s autopsy.”

What is going on? We’ll find out more and share the news.

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