What’s going on Micronesia? 20 November 2018

Hey, sorry for the delay between posts.  You know how it goes when you’re a family man in Micronesia, or anywhere.  Things can get busy, but let’s forget the excuses and get on with it.

News briefs

I don’t mean underwear briefs.  But in fact, short pieces of news to keep you updated.  Why stay updated? Because life is about decisions.  Every day, evey hour, you and I are making decisions.  We need to stay updated to make the best decisions.  Decisions shape our lives and when we decide without enough information, we always end up losing one way or another.

Big Pacific Meeting

A big meeting just concluded in Port Moresby, New Guinea.  Yes, our President from Micronesia, Peter Christian was on hand to attend.  This article  about that meeting appeared to be your run of the mill article on two leaders meeting.  Of course, it was Big China and Micronesia so it was bound to cause a stir somewhere, for someone.  See for yourself on the link above and below.

Xi meets leaders of Pacific island nations to further BRI cooperation

I’m amazed by the comments that accompanied the article.  Check them out here, if you can’t bring it up, just friend request the new FSM PIO on Facebook.  Should be public though.

The comments ranged from “good job President Christian” to “don’t sell our country to the Chinese”.  Far stretch from one end to the other from reading the article itself.  I just don’t get the selling out of our country from reading that article though.  Our President met the Chinese President at an economic summit, the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit, and that constitutes selling our country out?  Well, to each his own.

Let’s leave that madness and go to the next story from Micronesia.  Over in the Marshall Islands – Marshallese call for developed countries to step up  – this was the heading to the article:

More than 100 Marshallese call for developed countries to step up their climate action ahead of CVF Summit Majuro , Marshall Islands, 17 November 2018 – More than 200 Marshallese activists in traditional vessels have rallied off the coast of the nations capital, …More than 100 Marshallese call for developed countries to step up their climate action ahead of CVF Summit

Now, I can’t verify this story, because I see no pictures.  So, I asked my friend from the Marshall Islands Journal to confirm this.  We’ll wait to see what he says.  But, if it is true, then good on you Marshall Islands. Use the canoe to convey your message.

And the American representative to the APEC summit was Vice President Mike Pence, who stopped over in Guam on his way back to the mainland.  He also talked about China:

He also announced plans to partner with with Australia to develop a new naval base on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea.
“We will work with these two nations to protect sovereignty and maritime rights in the Pacific Islands,” Pence said in his speech according to transcriptions, nodding to China’s influence in the Pacific.

Interesting to note, he did not have time to leave Andersen Air Force Base and meet the people of Guam.  Instead he met the Governor, some staff and a select few people on Andersen Air Force Base.  It’s ok though, because they didn’t vote and can’t vote for Vice President or President, right?

China in Micronesia

The most interesting piece of media coming out this week was an article published in News Ghana, authored by Huang Zheng, the Chinese Ambassador to the FSM.  Why News Ghana, who knows?  This is what some of the article says:

Both leaders and people of the FSM carry great conviction that China’s rapid growth is a trend of time that places a profound influence on world. Developing a friendly cooperative relationship between the FSM and China goes with the trend of time. The FSM will resolutely adhere to the one-China principle and firmly promote the in-depth development of FSM-China strategic partnership.

Now let me follow up with another excert from the same article:

Following the principle of equality, mutual benefit, openness and sustainable development, China has provided within its available resources sincere and selfless aids to the FSM with no political conditions attached. China has largely improved the national development of the FSM and people’s livelihood, which received high appreciation from the locals.

Why thank you Ambassador Zheng, for speaking for us locals here in Micronesia.  I’m sure you don’t speak for all of us.  Or maybe some of us?  A few of us?

Till next time

Exciting times we live in, especially here in the Pacific.  The Eagle, the Dragon, the Bear, the Kangaroo and all the other players are on the field.  So are we.  Let’s follow them and see what’s up.

Till the next blog.

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