Paranoid or pissed off?

What an eventful week in Micronesia.  It’s only Wednesday and people are already paranoid about the news.


A sad update on the Air Niugini crashed was shared on the broadcast (below).  The missing man was declared dead, confirmed by an official Air Niugini statement.  Condolences to his family.

Something else has been brewing that I’ve noticed on social media posts and now Bill Jaynes confirmed my suspicions.  The recent news articles that give credit to the US Navy team who were there have gotten a couple of my fellow Chuukese upset.  I understand.  I really do.  In a world where media is not friendly to Chuukese, there will be some hurt feelings.  All the negative press, false editorials and bad reporting on Chuukese for the actions of a few can make some people paranoid.

Here is the thing, though.  Passengers who were interviewed or did make statements, gave credit to the Chuukese people.  US Navy Divers, from Underwater Construction Team 2 (UCT-2), those guys are trained military professionals.  We expect nothing less than what they did.  But, the people of Chuuk? They are not trained.  They were not equipped.  They are not required to respond.  They did it anyways.  Ordinary people with extraordinary hearts.  This will come out.  Be patient Chuukese people.

No Paranoia here

On the world stage, three Micronesian Ladies, represented us well.  The #BeingMicronesian movement is gaining momentum.  The three ladies: Sha Merirei Ongelungel from Palau, Kathy Jetnil-Kijner from the Marshall Islands and Anita Hoffschneider from Saipan were interviewed by Al-Jazeera’s, The Stream.  Take a look at the interview and don’t mind the comments:)

No paranoia here though.  Just pride and gratitude for excellent representation of Micronesia.  Good job Ladies!  You made us look great!  We’ll keep on keepin’ on.

The Broadcast

Finally, let me share the latest broadcast done by the kids from the Micronesian News Broadcast.  They share a little bit of the news from across the Micronesian region and their $0.02 to make it theirs.  Oh, and mine too:

Catch you on the next blog or on the Micronesian Podcast.