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We all know that media is there to inform, not pander.  Or is it? To be clear to pander is to appease or gratify, and often in a negative, self-serving way.  Which is what the Guam media has been doing to the Guam public for so long.

I’ve followed and collected some articles about Micronesia that appeared to pander and shared on this very blog:

The Micronesian on Guam media

Two to Tango in Guam (or anywhere else)

Inaccurate data on Micronesian in Hawaii (This is from Hawaii, but same idea)

These are not the only ones, mind you.  Just some from my on-going collection of what I call not so true news.

Another one bites the….

I’ll add another one here, as I share this recent editorial (with no named author) by the Guam Daily Post.

The editorial, titled “FSM sits on a pile of cash, while Guam struggles to provide services to its citizens” basically dismisses the compact of free association between two sovereign countries (US and FSM) and inserts a colony (Guam) in the middle of it.

Where does one begin?  Well, take a look at the comments and you’ll see that you cannot fool the people, even people from Micronesia:

Kind of surprised at the half baked editorial.

This is some onesided and blinded bias report which probably be meaningful if you weigh the actual damages FSM citizens costs to Guam economy

Please get your facts straight before claiming that the Federation sits on a lot of gold under a rainbow.

Those are just the mild ones.  There are more.  It is very obvious for anyone who has a little knowledge of the compact of free association, that the article was not using facts.

What it comes down to

Here is what it comes down to.  FSM, RMI and Palau citizens are legal immigrants.  You can’t get any more legal than us.  We can come and go to the US and it’s possessions.  It’s US Public Law..

The compact of free association is not between the US Colony of Guam and compact of free association (COFA) countries.  It is between NATIONS.  The USA and the COFA NATIONS.

Guam and their media continue to portray the situation as if we are outsiders.  We are not.  As if we are illegal.  We are not.  Maybe it is because we remind them of their political status (Colony) and their location (Micronesia).  You, Guam, are in MICRONESIA.  Be kind to your self and to your neighbors.

This is what it comes down to.  Enough of the politics.  Let’s put people before the politics, and PLEASE report FACTS, remember we are all in this situation together, and act accordingly.

See you on the next blog… or podcast.

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2 thoughts on “Guam media pander”

  1. Of course our treaty, COFA, under US PL 108-188 is perpetual and the only provision that has timeline is the ‘economic assistance’ thereof. As I’ve implied earlier, Uncle claimed that they underestimated the rate of Micronesians migrated out of FSM, ROP and RMI ~ thus granting only $15 million + (USD) per entity to offset the cost of these legal immigrants.
    Few years back I remember reading a piece about USDOI rejecting annual reports from both Hawaii and Guam under the assumption that both entities had not separated the Micronesian immigrants from their other illegal aliens or immigrant and worse still did not indicate truly those homeless and jobless Micronesians from those who worked and pay-taxes and even living in rented low cost apartments.
    Both Hawaii and Guam had the difficulties of not having a profiling and ID systems, plus a tracking system too to track these legal immigrants. An interesting study even revealed that the most prosperous and intellectual Micronesian tend to travel further to the mainland USA, then the average tend to stay on Hawaii and the least literate accumulated on Guam.
    To date, I do not know how much both entities had done to resolve their issues with USDOI, although I personally believed that the issue of discrimination on Guam could easily be in controll by supporting the little activities already underway. Likewise, issue on Hawaii could also be resolved in similar manner and to add little creativity to the positive activities already taken places. Micronesian immigrants on both Guam and Hawaii are fairly involved in economic and business-based activities as in food sales, handicrafts and even helping Guaminians and Hawaiian with our old traditional ways for fixing foods, fishing, making wooden tools, etc, etc. Let’s continue to remain positive and capitalize on our Austronesian origins.

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