Two to Tango in Guam (or anywhere else)

With all that is going on in Guam with Chuukese and Chamorro’s, I’m wondering when the real leaders will step up on both sides?

Do Unto Others

With all the strife and war that is happening across the globe, who needs this in our own part of the world?

Whatever happened to respect for others (both sides) and the Golden rule?  Not the old testament rule about an eye for an eye.

Governor Eddie Calvo came out with a reassuring video to work together.  That’s awesome Governor Calvo.  That is true leadership.  Before him Ned Pablo was bridging the gap on social media, great job Ned! This is what needs to happen.  Leaders standing up and bridging the distance between both sides.  Thank you both for taking that courageous step.  Waiting for the Micronesian community on Guam…..

When does it end

Which makes this recent editorial from the Guam Daily Post all the more confusing. Check this out:

if immigrants arrive at the airport and fail to demonstrate they won’t become a public burden, they should not be allowed into Guam.

How does one demonstrate that at the airport??? How can one demonstrate they won’t become a public burden at the airport??

It gets better:

It’s not easy to talk about this issue because we run the risk of being called biased against a particular group of people.

But we do need to talk about these recurring sparks of violence in our community in hopes of finding more meaningful ways to address it.

This issue was brought up last week by no less than Gov. Eddie Calvo and a senatorial candidate, Harold Cruz.

Cruz has started a petition calling for a moratorium on immigration into Guam under the Compact of Free Association between the FSM and the United States government. The U.S. government allows FSM citizens unregulated entry into the U.S., and Guam is the destination of choice by citizens from the FSM.

Yep, from the same editorial.  A moratorium on immigration into Guam under the Compact?

Wait, first the Governor said he wanted to work together and stressed respecting each other on his YouTube address, now this from a Senatorial candidate?

I know it’s election time, so there will be some posturing and gesturing along with some outrageous promises.  All good Guam.  Let us know when you’re ready to dance.

In the meantime, here is something to listen to:



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