Countdown to 2023 on the Micronesian Podcast – Part One

In addition to this blog, I also have a podcast where me and my special guest talked about the countdown to 2023 on the Micronesian Podcast on Anchor. If you haven’t checked it out, please do so. My guest is a long time friend and resident of Micronesia.  He is currently writing a dissertation on political relations in Micronesia.

The hour is approaching

The hour is FAST approaching.  On my last podcast, me and my special guest Patrick Maloney spoke about the approach.

It was really a learning session for me.  I’m ashamed to say, that as a Micronesian I don’t really understand the intricacies of the Compact of Free Association that we have with the U.S.A. After this podcast and conversations afterwards with Patrick, I feel a bit more informed.  Learning is good :).

If we left it to the government, no one would know anything.  I’ve said this before on this blog.  The FSM Public Information Office has not updated their website since June.  Are you even able to log on to Pohnpei State Government’s website? Let me know if you can, because I have been unsuccessful.

Catch the first episode on your pick of platform below.  We’ll be coming out with part 2 very soon.

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