What do Micronesians really, really want?

If you follow me on Facebook, you would’ve read an article that I shared titled: What do Micronesians really want? it was written by a young American who is living in Chuuk.  Always good to see, hear and read another perspective on the issues that we Micronesians live in.

What do you think we want?

I guess this is the question we must all ask ourselves over and over and over again.  With 2023 looming, ask the question.  With the Chuuk seccession, ask the question.  With Chinese influence growing, ask the question again.  But do we ask? Or do we just reject and argue out of fear?  Fear of loss, fear of the future and just fear of not wanting to ask the questions that will require some sort of sacrifice.  That’s just my opinion though.

Back to the article.  One thing that did resonate with me, was what the author said was the Compact of Free Association’s greatest flaw:

But perhaps the greatest flaw with the Compacts is the escape valve they created for individuals, especially those well off, to ignore their own society and live off of someone else’s largesse.

The compact has many great benefits.  We can all agree.  But, our people are and will always be our greatest resource.  The mechanism that brings us benefits is also depleting our greatest resource.  How’s that for a catch-22?

What does this Micronesian want?

Sadly, I can’t answer the question posed for everyone.  I can only answer from a personal view point.  What does this Micronesian want? Let me share with you some points and if you agree, let me know:

  • Increase the minimum wage across the nation, maybe that will give our people a reason to stay?
  • Downsize the government and outsource services to private businesses, maybe this will give our people jobs and opportunities?
  • Allow businesses and individuals to sell their products by mail (If this is already happening, please note that the compact says you can’t), maybe we can have a Micronesian Amazon-type company?
  • Raise public awareness on what is going in the government, maybe by knowing what is going on, we can decide better on the next vote?
  • Reform social security, no brainer
  • Consider the Marshallese ban on absentee votes by post, maybe?
  • I’d like to know why certain first year Xavier student’s tuition is funded through the General fund via the FSM Congress? Why not fund all of them? I know there is a reason, I’m just asking 🙂

I guess that’s all for now.  If you have anything to add, please do.  IF you disagree with me, great.  To disagree with me means you are thinking about what I wrote or said…. Mission accomplished!

See you on my next blog or on the Micronesian Podcast.