Famous Micronesians – Mau Piailug

Today, I’m pleased to share a recent podcast with a fellow podcaster and Micronesian on this blog.

Our Ancestors

So many of us have forgotten that in the distant past, our people came by way of the ocean.  Not just any ocean, our people traveled back and forth for thousands upon thousands of miles, on the great big Pacific.

How did they do that?  Aren’t we supposed to be primitive and backwards?  Didn’t western science say we “drifted” from one of the great land masses and accidentally got here, with our families, crops and animals?

Well in 1976, everything was cleared.  The Hokulea, with Micronesian Mau Piailug as Navigator, successfully made landfall in Tahiti after departing Hawaii over 50 days prior.  And they did it without the benefit of modern navigation instruments.  No instruments at all, in fact.  Just Mau and his knowledge that was passed down from his father, and his father and his father, etc.  His brain, mind and memory was all the technology that was needed.

What it means

As you’ll hear in the podcast (below), there were many stories about Mau during this voyage.  He was the anchor, the guide and the force behind this trip.  The trip itself, was something special.  Billy Richards who was on the first voyage thought it was something special as well:

Some, like Richards, believe the first voyage was a catalyst to all of the Hawaiian programs we have today. click here for full story

That says a lot. That first voyage and all others after, including their world cruise would have been impossible without that Micronesian knowledge. That shared knowledge.

I wrote and spoke about connections and collaboration in Micronesia in a previous blog post. Here is great example of how we in the Pacific can help one another, build each other up and make our world a better place. We are all connected and we can collaborate using our special skills and knowledge.


Using ancient technology, Mau was able to share and help our fellow Islanders reclaim their heritage. How much more can we today, using modern technology, connect and collaborate with each other to not only reclaim our heritage but to shape our future.

See you on my next blog post and enjoy the podcast💪🇫🇲🇵🇼🇲🇭👊


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