Volcanic Haze in Micronesia

Voggy week

This past week in Pohnpei, Micronesia we have been experiencing grey/dark cloudy skies that are supposed to be volcanic haze or vog from Hawaii. It is very pronounced and there is no doubt that we are experiencing out of the ordinary weather here in Pohnpei.

Hilo, Hawaii, where the volcano is located sits over 3,000 miles away from Pohnpei. And not only Pohnpei has received this weather gift from Hawaii. a recent article stated the following:

The Guam weather office said haze produced by Kilauea would spread farther west and reach Kosrae, Pohnpei and possibly Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia over the next few days.

Yes, it has reached us.

Wind patterns

Makes one wonder about all those nuclear tests they did in the Marshall Islands from 1946 – 1958. Not just one test, but several tests over several years!

When the US detonated the first atomic bomb in Nevada, they monitored and tracked every single cloud as they drifted across the continental US. They did no such thing in Micronesia. And if they did, it has not been shared with us yet.

Looking back, the US definitely exploited the “good feelings” that existed after world war II and our welcoming attitudes to test their weapons of mass destruction for the “good” of mankind. It is a shame that they took advantage of the people, the environment and the future generations who have to live with the long standing effects of radiation.

This volvanic haze made many people think about how connected we are in the Pacific. It is one big ocean with wind blowing all over the place. From one end of the Pacific to another, our waters and winds mix and mingle over an area that dwarfs the continental US and Europe combined.

So what is my point? Many already said but here is what remains after the haze has gone. We are connected. Always have been. We are good people. Even to the point of sacrificing our own islands for the “good” of mankind. Our connections across Micronesia alone cover an area larger than the US.

Lets learn from the past to ensure we and others don’t give up everything we have for the “good’ of anyone but our own future generations.

See you on my next blog or Podcast.