Micronesian Devil’s advocate to the Chuuk Secession

The question on whether or not Chuuk should secede from the Federated States of Micronesia has been making its rounds on the internet.  In this blog post, I offer my $0.02 to this great and seemingly never-ending debate, while playing the Micronesian devil’s advocate 🙂

And since this IS a never-ending debate, this probably won’t be my last word as the devil’s advocate.

Should Chuuk secede from the FSM? Why not?  Is Chuuk doing any better now than at the start of the FSM?

In spite of the great exodus of people leaving Chuuk to go to Guam, Hawaii and the US mainland, her population is still the largest in the FSM.


Let’s look at my first example, just one section of Chuuk, my beloved Faichuuk.  Faichuuk has no hospitals, no paved roads, no utility company, no water company, basically no infrastructure to speak of (Yep in 2018!!) for a population of ? reports vary but it is anywhere from a low of 11,000 to a high of 16,000 give or take a couple thousand.  Now, consider this.  Kosrae state has less people than the lowest estimates for Faichuuk.  Yet, they rate an airport, hospitals, paved road, electricity, running water.  But, they’re a state you say.  My point! I say.

After 30 + years in the Federation has this section, my beloved Faichuuk, improved?  You may say that it is the current political leaders that are the problem.  My point! I will reply.  The status quo IS the problem.  The secession, for better or worse, is a change!

If you ask the current leaders what will be the outlook of Chuuk after 2023, they will tell you they are not sure.  This may or may not happen.  They would like this or that to happen.

If you ask the secession leaders what will be the outlook of Chuuk after 2023, they will tell you that Chuuk will have already seceded.  Who will you follow?  The leader who is certain, or the leader who is uncertain? Is it better to allow whatever changes may come and respond, or make the change yourself?


Ok, remember I am playing devil’s advocate.  In the end, what matters is that the people of Chuuk win. Don’t oppose one idea because you don’t agree with that person’s politics or his family, or just don’t like him or her.

If Chuuk did secede and did continue in a free association with the US, and nobody outside of the FSM would be affected by the change, would you change your mind?

Or, if Chuuk remained in the FSM as the most populated and neglected state while everything remains the same, would you change your mind?

See you on my next blog or on my podcast The Micronesian Podcast


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