The Micronesian connection and collaboration

Apologies all around for not updating this blog. I’ve just returned from a neighbor Micronesian country. I was there for work.

Even though I was there to work, I was fortunate enough to make some new friends, catch up with old friends and have a great time.

That brings me to the point of this blog post. The connection, specifically Micronesian connection. It is something I believe is not taken seriously and not cultivated by many.  I could be wrong.  I hope I am.

One of the best things about visiting a new place is knowing someone there.  Connecting and re-connecting with friends make the trip memorable.  It’s about the experience, the people, the relationships.

Once upon a time our three countries in Micronesia, including the CNMI were together.  We were together as a UN Trust Territory administered by the US.  Many of our leaders started out in the Trust Territory government.  It was the start of our path to self government, to sovereignty.  Some people refer to that time as the “good ‘ole days.”

But, even before the Trust Territory days, we have had a connection across the ocean for many years.  How many of us have relatives in more than one country?  Many of us.  Our ancestors traveled across the seas.  We have always been a blue continent, even before the foreigners came to our shores.  Let’s keep it up.

Today, we have more opportunities to connect than ever before.  We used to have just one air carrier, now… we have United, AirNiugini, Air Nauru and even Caroline Islands Air (CIA) is part of the air connection between Palau and Yap, picking up United’s slack.  The internet is the biggest connector today.  We have skype, Facebook, hangouts, email, Instagram, etc, etc. We can call, video chat, send messages, send pictures, follow our friends and family and even stalk..LOL.  No, don’t do that.

What opportunities await us with these capabilities?  We can cooperate, collaborate and create together.  The infrastructure is set up or “being set up” as we speak.  Let’s connect!

See you on my next blog or on the Micronesian Podcast.

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