Nice view on COFA from Guam

In this short blog post I want to provide a refreshing look at us from the outside.

A recent article on the Pacific Daily News out of Guam featured this:

Our View: Provide guidelines for counting compact migrants, calculating impact

Take a read when you have time.  It is one of the few articles that really looks at the root of the “problems” between fellow islanders.

We all know the negative story that is being told of Micronesians in Guam and Hawaii.  If you ever lived in these areas, God bless you, because you had to endure something that no Islander should endure while still in the Pacific.  Should I say it?  You endured discrimination, racism, and just mean comments and looks.  You maybe were ashamed to admit you were Micronesia.  Maybe you tried to cover it up by speaking the best “American” version of English so that your accent didn’t betray you.  Whatever you did, don’t do it anymore.  You are perfect the way you are.

This story reminds me of another story that I shared that was featured last year in another Guam publication, KUAM news.  UOG President and former Guam delegate to the US Congress Robert Underwood had this to say about FSM:

“So if you look at the trajectory of political status development, at one point in time in the 60’s it looked like the trust territories, the Pacific islands, were way behind and Guam was a lot closer and had a great deal with the US and then over time everybody just kind of leapfrogged along, and Guam is still essentially in the same situation it was in the 60’s,” he explained.

Great words from a great man.  By the way, Mr Underwood was here for COM-FSM’s 25th anniversary bash.  Good on you Mr Underwood for setting a great example in Micronesian solidarity.

All this is a far cry from the recent ruckus that Guam Governor Calvo started that ended up in declaring FSM officials persona non grata who did not share his belief and policy.  You can read the article and decide for yourself if he was just trying to get some attention or just really pissed off at FSM Government officials and citizens.

I’ll follow up with a podcast soon.  Until then, have a good one and be good to each other.



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